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Bridge Home Veteran’s Project

We are building bridges out of depression, homelessness and despair by putting tools into the hands of veterans. Knowledge, hope, camaraderie, brotherhood and sense of worth are being returned to our veterans.

The nascent Nicodemus Bridge Home Veteran’s Project endeavors to provide veterans with a practical bridge from structured military life back into civilian life. Features include the following:

  • Structured tiny home community for transitional housing during re-integration into the civilian world—a bridge
  • Occupational training programs and employment assistance appropriate for military backgrounds and/or abilities
  • Practical on-the-job-training and employment with trade-specific local companies
  • Support with readjustment into civilian life – starting over in society
  • Positive experiences and the chance to build one’s own tiny home as new communities are launched.
  • Nicodemus plans to later employ selected program alumni to build tiny homes which may be sold to provide fundraising for new endeavors and future Bridge Home communities.

Bridge Home Community Locations

Nicodemus Bridge Home Veteran’s Project locations will be carefully evaluated and selected based on several criteria including proximity to VA facilities, local concentrations of veterans in need and availability of employment and educational opportunities. The first site will be a tiny home enclave with a large wooded area near a major metropolitan center in West Central Florida. As the program matures, more locations will be established in other areas as needed.

All veterans, homeless or not, will be eligible to apply to become a part of this project. Applicants will be evaluated based upon their merits by an admissions panel of selected veterans which will be established at a later date. For the initial stage, Nicodemus board members will be selecting candidates for admission to the program. During their limited time participating within the Home Bridge project, participating vets will have structured schedules and specific goals to accomplish such as participating in employment training and other educational programs. They may be asked to assist with building tiny homes as a part of their training. Nicodemus will partner with local trade schools and other educational groups that offer a clear path to in-demand construction or technical jobs and employment assistance. During their time in the Home Bridge program, veterans will learn a trade, receive assistance with life skills such as personal financial management, translating military skills to civilian skills, getting registered for veteran’s benefits, and navigating the VA system. Partnerships with employer groups and local companies will lead to sustainable employment opportunities for graduates of the program. One local company has committed to employing 25 graduates per year for the next 2 years.

Moving Forward

Going forward, the pool of veterans that have moved through the Bridge Home Project can continue to participate as Bridge Home Project Alumni. As such, they can then serve as mentors and coaches for current program participants while also serving as Nicodemus ambassadors within their own local communities. Nicodemus Bridge Home Project Alumni will be encouraged to develop their skills further by participating in available leadership development programs. As they progress in their careers, alumni will eventually become leaders in their own communities and contribute toward the sustainability and expansion of the Nicodemus Bridge Home Project.

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