Apprenticeship Initiative

Please join Nicodemus in supporting our apprenticeship initiative which provides sponsorships to qualified candidates in your own community.

Donations of any size are welcome and will assist in providing our apprentices with school essentials, transportation assistance, tools, safety gear and uniforms.  Full apprenticeship program sponsorships are also available and will provide all the necessary tools for their success.

With your dedicated support, our apprentices transform as they develop their skills and build the confidence needed for a successful journey towards a new career.

Nicodemus graciously appreciates your continued support and overwhelming generosity.

Veteran Care

Nicodemus is proud to announce their partnership with Veterancare.com

Veteran Care’s mission is to educate and inform Veterans, Dependents, and Family Members about the benefits of a path in a skilled labor trade and assist them through education, training, pre-apprenticeships, full registered apprenticeships, nationally recognized certifications, and career placement.

Veteran Care services several industries but specializes in staffing and recruiting for the building/construction and manufacturing industry.

For more information and to find out how to qualify for their paid on OJT programs please visit their website: www.veterancare.com


Nicodemus, Inc. leverages professional relationships and experiences and consolidates available community resources to help veterans overcome the underlying causes of suicide, depression, homelessness, unemployment, and disconnection to civilian society. Support our efforts by donating now.