Our Vision

Please join us to strengthen the bonds of our community by expanding awareness of the sacrifices and hardships that our United States military men, women, and families are struggling to overcome. 

Let us stand together and bridge the gap by becoming doers instead of onlookers, and we will succeed in returning the character and integrity that this country once had.

Happiness really can be achieved through fun and meaningful life experiences. Nicodemus delivers happiness at 100 decibels, 180 mph, and with burning rubber.

Wheels For Warriors is a Nicodemus tax-exempt vehicle donation program that benefits disabled veterans and first responders.

Nicodemus is committed to leveraging existing resources to solve the challenges faced by veterans and their families.



Nicodemus, Inc. leverages professional relationships and experiences and consolidates available community resources to help veterans overcome the underlying causes of suicide, depression, homelessness, unemployment, and disconnection to civilian society. Support our efforts by donating now.