Race Experience Ride-A-Long

Race Experience Ride-A-long Events

Bringing Vets Across the Finish Line

Enduring happiness really can be achieved through fun, and meaningful life experiences. Nicodemus delivers happiness at 100 decibels, 180 mph and with burning rubber.

Nicodemus has the ability to offer experiences that are very unique and wonderful to our veterans. Over the last ten years, the founder of Nicodemus has provided his private collection of retired NASCAR racecars for many ride-a-long events at NASCAR tracks for veterans. Most events were hosted in collaboration with other charities and non-profits. On Sept. 11, 2016, at a Veterans Trust charity event at which there were over ten thousand fans, Nicodemus provided over 300 ride-a-longs at Homestead International Speedway.

Using a fleet of retired NASCAR racecars, which have been modified to carry additional passengers, Nicodemus pairs riders with professional drivers at high-profile racetracks such as Daytona International Speedway, Sebring International Speedway, and Atlanta Motor Speedway, and gives them the thrill of a lifetime.

Raising Awareness

Ride-a-long events allow Nicodemus to raise public awareness of the serious issues of veteran suicide, depression, and homelessness, while giving the veteran (or other riders) a meaningful social experience and memories to cherish. While there is no single solution for the complex issues facing veterans, just one special event can help a veteran reconnect and find their zest for life once again. The proof of concept lies in the smiling faces and tears of joy streaming down the faces of our passengers once they step off the track.

To showcase issues facing veterans, Nicodemus is leveraging our network of partners and friends in the professional world of racing to establish annual NASCAR Ride-A-long programs for veterans, Gold Star families and Wounded Warriors at nationally televised events. The selected venue for the first event is Daytona International Speedway (the annual 4th of July NASCAR race held at DIS is moving to another venue in 2020) in July, 2020. The Veteran’s Race-day event will allow a large group of veterans, Gold Star Families and Wounded Warriors to experience this adrenaline-charged life-changing event while allowing Nicodemus the opportunity to showcase the challenges facing veterans in a high-profile manner.

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